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Welcome to asian_sounds, a JPop, KPop, CPop, and OST sharing community! As you can see, our main interest is to share our love for all things that have to do with Asian Entertainment. We're just here to share our hordes of music, in exchange for for new and adventurous things!

So, take a look around, and if you like what you see, feel free to join. Thanks!

--♪ Comment when you download! It helps to know that other people appreciate the things they post.
--♪ Try to support the artist you like by using sites like YesAsia, CD Japan, Amazon, etc. etc. Help these artists out!
--♪ Any mp3s posted here are for SAMPLING. Please delete these mp3s after 24 hours-- the standard sampling time. If you keep them for any longer than that, any legal prosecution that may happen to you is not our responsibility.
--♪ If you post, please tag! Requests go under *request tag, albums under "albums", music videos under "MVs" or "PVs", etc. It makes it easier to find whatever you want to look for.
--♪ If you are uploading to a site where the link will expire in less than a month, add "temporary" in the post's title. We will make sure to download in case someone requests a re up later. Nothing more frustrating than looking for an album forever, finding it, and them realizing the link just expired!

Any questions? Comments? Heck, even complaints? Make sure to message either itonobara or k_i_k_e_i and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you and enjoy your stay! ^__^

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